What if Firestar never joined ThunderClan? What if there was a different prophecy? What if the four Clans weren't ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan?
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 Rules~ [Read These First!]

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PostSubject: Rules~ [Read These First!]   Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:48 pm

These are the terms of being on Warrior Cats - The New Story.

Racism, sexism, etc is not allowed!
Anything that puts another user below you or hurts them is NOT allowed! You wouldn't like to be told that "black people are stupid", especially if you were "black", so don't say it to anyone else. It's hurtful and can be met with harsh punishment.

Respect all members, including Staff!
All members have people behind screens who have feelings. I'm sure you have feelings, so don't hurt theirs.

Reporting a Staff member is a big deal!
Reporting a Staff member, even if it's true, is a big thing. Staff shoudl't do anything against the rules or hurt another user, but if you feel they've said something they shouldn't have, feel free to report them, as long as you're okay with them being able to see it.

Your character must be accepted by 2 Staff members before you may use it.
In order to prevent OP characters, your character must be accepted by 2 Staff members before you may use it. This can be a Moderator and an Administrator, a Moderator and a Moderator, 2 Administrators, etc. Just remember that Mentors cannot accept characters, but give tips!

Your character must be natural!
Natural colors only! If you can't imagine it on a real, living cat, don't use it at all!

Refrain from power-playing, god-modding, and meta-G.
Powerplaying is when you take control of someone else's character, whether it be by attacking them and not letting them dodge or counter, make them say something or do something. God-modding is when your character is extremely OP, which isn't fun for anyone. Dodging every attack or injuries healing spontaneously is some examples. Meta-G is when your character knows something, and yet they weren't there to hear or see it.

Characters may be inspired, but not stolen!
We all get it if a character seems similar to another (ie. Two black cats), but being ispired and stealing is two very different things. Stealing a character, your character is nearly exactly the same as another's. Inspired is when you get an idea from another's character. We should not be able to find the character you got inspired from!
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Rules~ [Read These First!]
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